sexta-feira, 3 de março de 2017

Escravos musculares! Um tesão! Que vontade de tê-los em meu poder!

Had to decide to archive this or post it, either way it had to get off the desktop. It’s really fantastic how much My brown slave has evolved into a really curious bondage slave. I’m so fortunate to have spotted him and offered him a session… and...

My Brown Slave is out of focus, but I know I like what I am seeing. K?

Merry Christmas all!! This is just a cute picture of My brown slave to spread love to all the gay babies! The more bondage and obedience out there the better!! I love My brown slave, and look forward to seeing him a lot in 2017.

My brown slave!! Makes Me moist! But I also believe that I have a certain effect on him too. K???

Isn’t My Brown Slave exuding beautify from within? Or maybe he just looks hot tied up and tape gagged??

My beloved brown slave is shackled hand and foot (naked of course, hello) and ball gagged, and looking for work to do in my living room. This was his first time shackled and put to work in my house. I know he wasn’t expecting to do labor for me, but...

I love a man in uniform, which is why I love this photo of Connor Maguire. Although I have to say… that outfit is wearing him, not the other way around. I’m just saying. I still pinch myself that I got to spend a day with this kooky guy. I love him....

My second encounter with my friend Tatum Parks. Do you see the tape still on his mouth underneath his muzzle? I do.

And this is from my second session (well third, actually… first time we met we got together on two days back-to-back) with a guy I keep calling “The Early Bird”, and “Cozy Cat” Aside from when he throws me off by showing up early, or asking, spur of...

My beloved Cozy Cat. I call him that because I really feel like I could just tie him up like in the picture and he wouldn’t be a booger about it at all and we could binge watch Downton Abbey, and he would be like a totally chill cat curled up on my...

Meeting this amazing person has been a big blessing for me. And NOOO it’s not because he has Gumby-like flexibility, but because he is a true blue sweet person who I relate well to. Another love-match for RTK.

Some people can’t handle being put on a pedestal, and some can do way more than handle it. I wonder which category my friend here fits into?

My straight Southern boy bondage buddy again. He became a friend I would hang around a lot for a few months. This was probably my first time earning the trust of a straight guy and doing bondage sessions with him. He was so manly and butch that I...

My bosom buddy for 3 months until he moved away!! He is also my first experience tying up a straight friend. The friendship piece of this was really cool. He would call me up and ask advice about his girlfriend issues, which I found very charming....

And this is from my second session (well third, actually… first time we met we got together on two days back-to-back) with a guy I keep calling “The Early Bird”, and “Cozy Cat” Aside from when he throws me off by showing up early, or asking, spur of...

I still remember my first coffee date with Tatum Parks and how I was distracted by thoughts of him JUST like this picture above. After I knew I wanted alone time with him, suddenly I didn’t want to hear anything more from him!! (other than the...

My beloved Tatum Parks is a fighter, deep down, I would say. He always pushes himself hard to make the experience memorable for me though, so I don’t mind that he is hard to tame. We are overdue for a movie date again, btw.

Tatum Parks. There is just something about him that makes me want to do bad things to him. Of course, because I really love him. He’s a very smart, complex person, but also kind and compassionate. I see a lot of great things in him, but that will...

My brown slave admires his own body, and I am perfectly okay with it. Because he loves being tied up, I encourage him to admire what I do to him. I love my brown slave, I am going to get him over here soon!!!

My brown slave sparkles!!! Look at the twinkle he has! I love him. Plus he is overdue for a visit. Must have more!

My God, THAT FACE!!! My beloved brown slave is hotness personified. I often marvel at him when I look at what we have done together. Damn.
This is a more centered look and a slightly better view of his profile.

My hands always seem to creep towards my brown slaves ass. Butt be aware, there is no aspect of his body that isn’t insanely hot to me. I need to have him for a whole weekend sometime. Even if I have him all day, it isn’t nearly enough!!!!

Wha ha happen was he was stretching on the floor and I was taking pictures but I realized “I don’t need to hear him talk, I can talk, he can model one of my gags!” and so like the supra genius I know that I am, I remedied the situation, and this is...

This guy would often close his eyes while struggling or while he would be trying to position himself more comfortable. It still made for a beautiful picture, in my opinion, so yay.

Normally he would have on really short running shorts, a tight low cut shirt and low-cut socks and shoes on. Not that much, but it’s still much better not HAVING TO imagine how he would look gagged and bound, fully nude!!! Yay Me!! Life is beautiful!

Being able to set aside our previous relationship was important with this particular person. I’m thrilled with the end results.

My ex personal trainer, one of my favorite conquests! It was so cool roping this guy. Lightning in a bottle for sure, this bondage encounter. I’m very happy that my plotting finally yielded the fruit I wanted from him!! Yay me!

My beloved Tatum Parks. He really knows what he is doing, whenever we get together, he is always amazing. And I love a supremely furry slave, btw. I think you might already have a sense of that, right?

Tatum Parks… wow he blew me away on our second session. Really. He is definitely one of my most ideal looks for a “perfect slave”, if I could get The Creator to make such a thing for me. He also is a good person as a friend. (we recently went to a...

Here I am using a squeak toy to garner the attention of TatumParks, which is pure genius of me. Do I like being a genius? It has been a long journey towards acceptance, but yes I like being a genius. K?

Making sure there are no concealed weapons being brought into my home is very important when I have Tatum Parks over. I assure you that he had absolutely NO concealed weapons with him!

Tatum Parks may be the one person who looks better than anyone else I have seen with his mouth cleave-gagged with fabric. He hates it, which might be why I like to see him gagged that way. We just went and saw star wars together, he’s a really sweet...

When you meet a straight guy who is open to being tied up, it is so cool. It’s a completely different dynamic, just as whenever you meet a new person, but there is an extra fun element in roping and training a heterosexual man who isn’t aroused...

Does anyone like the idea of seeing Tatum Parks shackled hand and foot and ball gagged? Because that is what I am serving… K?

My first ever session with Tatum Parks… told you he was shackled hand and foot. He is ever so slightly… uh-hairy, K? This first encounter with him was, for me, really cool.

TatumParks: Give us more booty!! And Voila, more booty is given! This is just splendid!!

I have good news!! Here is a bondage picture! Tatum Parks has two round hairy globes for butt cheeks, and I am at peace with that. K?

Yes… everything seems to be in working order here. K?

Sorry the coloring of the picture is weird, but he does look tan… which he was! The ultra-hot @mrkristoferweston was mine for a couple of hours this year, and I am, once again, plotting against him for 2017!

The very beautiful Tatum Parks. This was from our first session. Just about every image I took of him turned out great, although I do get emotionally attached to my photos, so I have a strong bias. K?

Now that his huge hairy legs are secured, as you can see, finally @tatumparks can rest a little. Hogties are not always the most comfortable things to endure when you are very muscular, so this was a tough one for Tatum.

This is another picture of @tatumparks just a tad bit brighter, so you can see the dog crate in the background. I don’t know WHY I didn’t put him in it on this occasion, but he did eventually make in there. Tatum hated that cloth gagged, and I loved...

Tatum Parks and I had our first session early last year, and he was outstanding, for sure. I am not telling him to get his huge legs ready to be tied up here. He just knows what I am going to do. Super sweet man, this guy. Love him.

Definitely Do not overlook how beautiful Tatum Parks’ mouth is when he is ball-gagged!! K??

I miss this furry fella. You can’t tell it from the photo but he’s really smart. He has ESPN… Just playing. But I do love him, and miss him. And I want to put him back inside a cage, because obviously, he makes that lonely cage look like a great...

This is, truthfully, one of my favorite guys to tie up. He is white hot, and super smart. Creative, fearless… but what does that matter if he can’t be stripped naked and tied up?? Uh-huh… it all boils down to “he’s hot, tie him up.” K?

As a child of the 70′s raised on the 80′s, I feel it is up to ME to teach these children of the 90′s what it means to be “gagged with a spoon” Tons of pressure on me. K??

Body shackle those early birds and put them on the bed, they’ll be just fine. K?

This one seems to always arrive too early for our sessions so this time I just had to strip him and set him aside while I finished getting ready. The great thing is that he is so so mellow. He just feels good to be around. I love this one.

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